june 20-28, 2020 / Quaker Meadow Christian Camp, springville, CA

Course Fee: $495

Our mission is young women transformed by Christ, empowered and equipped to live authentic influential lives.


"I think I have grown spiritually this week and I really want to focus on God more in my daily life. I think I sometimes need to stop and listen more and the course has helped me do that."

"...a fun, awesome, challenging and life changing experience. I have made some fantastic friends!"

"I feel that I have grown closer to both my group and God. I am trying really hard to consider others and hope to succeed. I intend to start reading my Bible more regularly and spend more time with God." 


how Leadership USA works

Leadership USA is a 3 Stage Course spanning three summers with one stage being completed each summer. Participants are assigned to groups of 8-10 girls. By the end of the course, they will have developed the closest and most meaningful of friendships. 

During the Course, personal development activities may include zip-lining, ropes course, hiking, camping, swimming, etc. under trained staff and facilitators. All topics are dealt with from a Christian perspective. Spiritual teaching is emphasized whether or not the activity is specifically a devotional one.  This is NOT a summer camp.